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CRISP Education is a modern-day barbering program whose goal is to push the industry forward, while building community.

Our courses cover a variety of modern techniques that are currently applied in the fast evolving men’s barbering industry. From basics to more advanced courses, you will observe the technical approach and steps taken to achieve the best outcome on both classic and creative hairstyles.


We focus on making our students understand hair before actually applying our techniques. Our courses do not only include live demonstrations, but are filled with interactive theory learning and practical sessions.


Our education team is trained to provide the most precise knowledge to motivate and stimulate all of our students. Our main goal is for our students to gain the most out of our courses and be able to use what was learned in their own shops. We want them to build confidence, evolve their technical abilities and push their creativity to new limits.

Our main purpose at CRISP is to keep pushing the barbering industry forward in North America. Having travelled around the world to take advanced classes and learning alongside international educators, our mission is to transmit our knowledge from our own perspective. It is our mission to deliver the most up to date techniques and to show how haircutting can be related to many cultural elements such as fashion and art.


 Coming from a North American setting and being inspired by European cutting, we have built a bridge between traditional barbering and hairdressing. We are creating a fusion of both worlds and using this to create the most unique styles and creative cuts. We see haircutting as an art and each cut that is executed allows us to express our creativity to its fullest.


Understanding and manipulating hair in a way where creative touches and personalization can be added to a cut.


Proper attention to detail and design that can be made on any texture of hair.


Mastering shapes and patterns to have full control of the hair and be able to create any type of haircut.